Filipino-American History

Politics, food, history, design, comedy, drama, fiction, comics, culture, and more represent the full spectrum of Filipino American History. This curated collection of books covers all the bases and more. 

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Filipinx Culture

Dig deeper, drop the beat, and change world. Filipinx culture emerging from the diaspora in the U.S. is redefining what it means to be Filipino in the modern world.

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Roots of Style

Inspired by the persistence of The “Manongs” who faced a massive amount of discrimination in the US during the early 19th century. Despite the obsolesce they faced, they dressed to the nines. We’ve curated this collection to celebrate our roots of style.

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New Collection: The Crossovers

Filipinos living in the diaspora are surrounded by western cultural influences. Adapting to their new landscapes, they have found new ways to express their cultural roots.  Some find ways to embody Filipino identity in street wear. While others are taking cues from tribal prints / patterns, while others flip traditional silhouettes and textiles in clever ways.

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Our Mission

Republika SF is a non-profit venture designed to jump-start economic activity and public awareness of SOMA Pilipinas. Republika SF is part of a multi-prong strategy to build a thriving new commercial corridor in the SOMA Pilipinas cultural district. We envision incubating a batch of innovative retail concepts, award-winning restaurants, and neighborhood serving businesses that are culturally relevant, financially resilient, and adaptable to the market needs of all San Franciscans. 

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